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The 4 Essentials: A Misfit's Journey to Mindset, Strategies, Values & Purpose

This Discount Bundle includes Audio Book + E-Book + 1-DAY MBA E-Course Tools!






New York Times Bestseller | #1 Amazon
A Mini Memoir, Short Stories & Paradigm Shift in Global Education


BOOK SUMMARY: Taking readers on a street-smart journey about life & entrepreneurship, Cliff Michaels provides a thought-provoking narrative on 4 Essentials for success & happiness (mindset, strategies, values, purpose). Exploring paradigm shifts in education, Cliff shares lessons from the edge as a dyslexic student who dropped out of USC at 19, then launched companies in real estate, finance, and pioneering technology, soon discovering his greater mission. Part rebel & misfit, Cliff draws upon historic & modern mentors from daVinci and Spielberg to athletes, activists, and entrepreneurs. The eye-opening journey illustrates how The 4 Essentials empower anyone to earn a Real-World MBA (Masters in Basic Abilities). Cliff's 1-DAY MBA E-Courses (Masterclasses in Basic Abilities) were built upon principles in The 4 Essentials.


GIVING BACK: With each sale, Cliff donates books & e-courses to students & schools in need. 


FUN FACT: The book was originally subtitled "The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking: What Successful People Didn't Learn in School." When fans sent letters sharing their "misfit journeys", Cliff updated the sub-title to reflect the book's broader themes. The 4 Essentials has since been added to a variety of high school & college curriculums.

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“Cliff’s formula for life, careers & entrepreneurs shifts the way we teach & learn success principles. The response by 300 students at USC’s #1 entrepreneur class was amazing!”  Blake Spencer  Class President, USC Business School

“The 4 Essentials is a fun read. Like Cliff, it’s full of passion with new ideas and timeless wisdom.”  Dave Logan • USC Professor, NYT Bestseller “Tribal Leadership”

“Cliff’s writing is full of inspiration & practical lessons. I highly recommend his book The 4 Essentials.”  Blake Mycoskie • Founder/CEO, TOMS Shoes, NYT Bestseller “Start Something That Matters”

“Cliff Michaels delivers a powerful path to profits, passion, and purpose.” Tony Hsieh • CEO, Zappos, NYT Bestseller “Delivering Happiness”

“The 4 Essentials should be required reading from classroom to boardroom.”  Jim Weldon • Founder/CEO, Trovo

“I use "The 4 Essentials" as part of my curriculum. My students ranked Cliff our #1 speaker.” Alice Heiman • Entrepreneur Prof, Univ of Nevada

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