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About Cliff

BORN in NEW YORK & raised in L.A, Cliff lives in Del Mar, CA. Known for his fun, down-to-earth style, Cliff brings a passionate, result-driven approach to every challenge.


FOUNDED in 1992, Cliff Michaels & Associates specializes in start-ups, venture capital, mortgages, real estate & global education. Cliff 's dynamic methods to accelerate growth include courses, coaching & consulting for students, families, leaders & entrepreneurs. 


A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Cliff's memoir on success principles & paradigm shifts in education launched #1 on Amazon (The 4 Essentials: A Misfit's Journey to Mindset, Strategies, Values & Purpose). The book introduces the concept of a Real-World MBA (Master in Basic Abilities) which inspired Cliff's 1-Day MBA E-Course Series (Masterclasses in Basic Abilities). In 2016, the 1-Day-MBA Dinner Workshop was one of TEDxLA's highest-rated events. 


As PAST PRESIDENT of the Entrepreneurs' Org L.A, Cliff developed EO's first charity & mentor programs in 2003, benefitting Boys & Girls Club and Inclusion Matters Playgrounds. Philanthropy has been a personal mission ever since.


GIVING BACK > With each sale, FREE 1-DAY MBA courses go to learners & teachers in need. Cliff is also a member of USC’s Ed-Tech Incubator where entrepreneurs build solutions for remote-learningunderserved communities.

SUPPORT EDUCATION! To GIFT Cliff's 1-DAY MBA E-Courses, workshops, coaching & live-training events, visit the SPONSOR PAGE TODAY!

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