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About Cliff

BORN in NEW YORK & raised in L.A, Cliff lives in Del Mar, CA. Known for his fun, down-to-earth style, he brings a passionate, result-driven approach to every challenge.


FOUNDED in 1992, Cliff Michaels & Associates specializes in real estate, private equity, mortgages, and raising the bar for global education. Cliff 's dynamic methods to accelerate growth include courses, forums, and consulting for students, families, leaders & entrepreneurs. 


A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Cliff's memoir on success principles & paradigm shifts in education launched #1 on Amazon & Barnes (The 4 Essentials: A Misfit's Journey to Mindset, Strategies, Values & Purpose). The book introduces the concept of a Real-World MBA (Master in Basic Abilities) which inspired Cliff's 1-Day MBA E-Course Series (Masterclasses in Basic Abilities). In 2016, Cliff's 1-Day-MBA Dinner Workshop was also one of TEDxLA's highest-rated events. 


As PAST PRESIDENT of the Entrepreneurs' Org L.A, Cliff developed EO's first charity & mentor programs in 2003, benefitting Boys & Girls Club and Inclusion Matters Playgrounds. Philanthropy has been a personal mission ever since.


GIVING BACK > With each sale, FREE masterclasses go to learners & educators in need. Cliff is also a member of USC’s Ed-Tech Incubator where entrepreneurs build solutions for remote-learningunderserved communities.

SUPPORT EDUCATION! To GIFT Cliff's 1-DAY MBA E-Courses, workshops, coaching & live-training events, visit the SPONSOR PAGE TODAY!

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