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The Journey & 1-DAY MBA

Updated: May 15

Hi Friends! I'm excited to introduce My New Site, Blog, 1-DAY MBA E-Courses & Services (Coaching, Forums, Consulting, Workshops, Resources).

About Our Journey Since the '90s, I've served many of you as a Strategic Coach, Lender or Broker, working closely with your Families, Partners, CPA's & Advisors. Whether consulting careers, start-ups & real estate deals, or editing your books, screenplays & pitch decks, I'm grateful for our trips around the sun!

Why I Created 1-DAY MBA

In 2012, I wrote a Bestseller titled The 4 Essentials, sharing my journey as a dyslexic student & entrepreneur. I revealed four principles critical to success (Mindset, Strategies, Values, Purpose). These were the most common education gaps from classroom to boardroom (especially financial literacy, self-discovery, communication & people skills, time-management, creativity & leadership). Though the years, I developed workshops on these principles affectionately titled "My Real-World MBA (Masters in Basic Abilities)."

In 2020, the Global Pandemic put online education center stage. A paradigm shift was under way. That's when I received an invitation from Professors at USC's Rossier Education School to join their ed-tech cohort for remote-learning solutions. Inspired, I built a dynamic curriculum based on 30 years of practice: 1-DAY MBA (Masterclasses in Basic Abilities).

Final Thoughts

In a changing world with many learning styles, there is no woo-woo or one-trick pony. 1-DAY MBA courses are designed to accelerate personal & professional growth regardless of the journey, age, or experience.

In short, we're all life learners -- so trust your gut & follow your heart. More often than not, your intuition is correct.

Thanks for referrals too.

Hit me up if I can help you or your community.

Cliff Michaels

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