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Navigating 5 Rabbit Holes to Academic, Personal & Professional Growth


  1. A variable that’s subject to chaos, choice, or change.

  2. A confusing place or situation that can be difficult to escape –– as in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, where Alice enters a strange world after falling down a rabbit hole during a dream (Lewis Carroll, 1865).

INTRODUCTION > As a passionate life learner, my research on The Education Dilemma has taken me 30+ years across 60+ countries. I’ve enjoyed thousands of conversations with fellow Learners & Educators who kindly shared their academic, career, and personal growth strategies (students, parents, instructors, artists, athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs –– ages 5 to 95). The result has been a fascinating look at education roadmaps used by individuals, teams, K-12 schools, universities, and small-to-large businesses.

The big takeaway is that we sometimes learn and teach alike, but quite often we don’t, and for more reasons than you might think. Either way, we’re forever navigating five interconnected rabbit holes: 1) Fellow Learners & Educators; 2) Unique Strengths & Weaknesses; 3) Conflicting Values & Purpose; 4) Changing Content & Methods; 5) Socio-Economic Challenges. These five variables require us to be nimbler than ever, but they also create a paradigm shift in global education that’s worth exploring.

I invite you to take this journey with me.

Cliff Michaels

NOTE: I was born in New York, a home-alone kid of divorced parents. I grew up in Southern California, a lover of books, music, films & sports. I couldn’t afford to stay in college, so I dropped out of USC as a sophomore (age 19). I’m semi-dyslexic with no formal degree, but writing, learning & critical thinking are my passions. I share result-driven solutions based on real-world experiences. I hope they serve you well.

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